Glossary – information and explanations concerning our vinyl records and CD offers:

The cover photographs are usually sample pictures (all product images are available under CC0 „No Rights Reserved“ license). You can find the actual condition of the record covers as well as the condition of the vinyls in the description. The following abbreviations are used:

Grading of records based on the Goldmine Grading Guide:

M = Mint = New

The record is in perfect condition with no surface marks, etc., the cover also is in perfect condition.

NM = Near Mint = Top condition, nearly perfect

The vinyl shows no signs of wear and tear. The album cover can only show minimal signs of wear and is free of creases, ring wear and seam splits of any kind. The are no cut-outs of the record sleeves and the same goes for addendums like posters, text sheets, booklets etc. A Near Mint record should look like it just came from a retail store and was just opened for the first time.

The record shows some signs of having been played, but there is very little lessing in sound quality. The cover is almost perfect without wear and/or creasing.

VG+ = Very Good+ = Very good condition

There are some visible signs of wear and tear but the product has been maintained very well. The record surface can show minimal marks (caused by playing the record) that do not lessen the sound quality. A slight arching of the record that does not affect the playing is okay. The label can be slightly discoloured but not to a degree that it stands out. The hole in the middle should not be dilated. Picture sleeves of singles and LP inner sleeves may show slight signs of handling. LP album sleeves also may show slight signs of wear and even a cut-out or a crack is possible. A very good+ record is in a very good condition and a great addition to any collection.

The vinyl has minor visible marks that do not affect the sound, the sleeve has only minor signs of use but no serious damages.

VG = Very Good = Good condition

Many of the imperfections found on a VG+ record are more obvious on a VG record. When played, a VG record has surface noise and some scratches may be audible, especially in soft passages and in the song’s intro. The noise will not overpower the music. Groove wear and light scratches (deep enough to feel with a fingernail) can be present, which can also be heard when playing the record. Minor writing, tape or a sticker can detract from the label. The same goes for LP album covers and single picture sleeves. A VG record can show 2 or 3 of these imperfections, but never all of them!

The record has obviously been played many times before, but displays no major deterioration in sound quality, dispite noticeable surface marks and the occasional light scratch. The cover shows normal wear and tear without any major defects.

G = Good = Acceptable condition

A record in a good condition plays without skipping but has significant surface noise, some scratches and visible signs of wear and tear. Album covers and single picture sleeves can be pierced and have folded corners. Stickers, writing and the like are present. If the record isn’t super rare it might be better to look for one in a better condition – but if you have been looking for this record for a long time and the price is acceptable you should use the opportunity.

The sound quality of the record has deteriorated significantly, but it plays all the way through without repeating or skipping. The cover has tears, spots, marks and other damages.

F = Fair = Bad condition

This record is full of scratches, is arched and skips. The album cover shows water damage, all seams are damaged and the cover has been written on or is covered in stickers.

P = Poor = Very bad condition

One should only buy a record in a poor condition if it is an original signed by Elvis.

+/- = slighly better/worse

woc = writing on cover
wol = writing on label
soc = sticker on cover
sol = sticker on label
ss = still sealed
ois = original inner sleeve

gat / foc = gatefold cover

generic = neutral cover without reference to the artist or title, often monochromatic black or white, or record company sleeve

Generic covers and CD cases are not incuded in the rating as they can be replaced easily.

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