Hifi stereo equipment & guitar sale

If you are looking to sell your record collection and your hifi stereo equipment, e. g. a record player like the Technics SL 1210 MKII, Linn or (tube) amplifier / preamplifier / final stage / speaker or a guitar (acoustical or oder electrical), you can inform us about these records and pieces of equipment. In order to appraise these items and make you an offer it is required that you specifically name these items and tell us about the condition they are in. Please include information about whether or not the original packaging, the instruction manual, accessories and remote controls are included. If you want to sell a record player, please inform us about the system (e. g. Ortofon Concorde Pro). We will make you an non-binding offer for your records and hifi equipment.

We are always looking for the following hifi equipment brands :

Accuphase, Transrotor, Roksan, Luxman, Mechlabor, Acoustic Signature, Garrard, Well Tempered Amadeus & Versalex, Onix, Pro-Ject, Music Hall, Micro-Seiki, Masse Laufwerk DIY, Thorens, Technics, EAT Forte, Sony, National Plattenspieler, NT3, Krell Evo, Linn, AudioValve, Esoteric, Lindemann, Syrincs, ASR, DSS, Devialet, Bosch, Audionet, M2Tech Vaughan, Marantz, Revox, JBL, Ground Zero, Burmester, Crown, NAD, MBL, Van den Hul, Yamaha, SAE, McIntosh, Akai, Braun, Bang & Oluffsen, Röhrenverstärker, Verstärker & Endstufen.

The equipment should be functional and have only a few imperfections.

Please use our hifi selling (“Hifi Ankauf”) contact form. You have the possibility to add pictures of the equipment you wish to sell to your message.